What is mAh (Milliampere-Hour): A Full Guide

You have probably seen these letters, “mAh” on your battery and you are wondering what it means? The mAh also known as milliampere-hour is the unit for measuring the battery capacity. All devices that run on batteries such as laptops, clocks, smartphones, among others have a mAh rating. It indicates the amount of charge the battery can hold in each given time until it depletes.

In this article, we shall deeply delve into understanding everything around the term mAh to help you understand your batteries better.  Also, let’s explore some of the best BLUETTI solar batteries.

What Does mAh Stand for?

One of the key information on the battery of any device is the mAh. An mAh (milliampere-hour) equals one-thousandth of ampere hour (Ah). It is also written as 1 mAh = 0.001 Ah. It is a measure used for describing the energy charge or capacity a battery is capable of holding and the amount of time the battery stays charged.

An ampere represents a standard unit of an electric current, which corresponds to a flow 6.24150907x1018 charges per second, equivalent to one coulomb.

How Does mAh Affect Battery Life?

How does the mAh affect the battery life? Generally, if the mAh rating on your battery is high, it means it will last longer compared to the batteries with low mAh. However, you must understand that other factors will influence the life of the battery such as the usage patterns of your device.

Additionally, other factors that can affect the life of the battery are the size of the device's screen and its resolution. Other factors include the software optimization, the type of the processor, and the graphics chip.

Moreover, the external temperature and your charging habits can influence the life of your battery too. For instance, extreme low or high external temperature can lead to faster degeneration of the battery. Improper charging practices such as the use of a non-certified charger and overcharging will damage the battery and alter its mAh.

Understanding the Basic Technology of Electricity and Batteries

From the basic definition, electricity is the flow of electrons or the charged particles through an electricity conductor such as wire. The flow of electrons is used to power electronic devices.

Batteries are devices used for storing the chemical electric energy for later use. If you connect the battery to the circuit, there is a chemical reaction between the electrolyte and the electrodes, thus generating flow of electrons in the circuit.

There are various types of batteries. The most common type of battery is the lithium-ion battery. It is the most preferred battery type due to its high energy density, portability, and they are rechargeable. However, they are pricier compared to other battery types.

Top Power Station with the Best Battery Capacity

The BLUETTI Solar batteries charge all kinds of appliances and devices. The solar batteries operate in tandem with solar panels to store the excess power generated by solar panels. The solar batteries provide back-up electricity thus reducing the reliance on the grid system.

BLUETTI solar generators are reliable and highly efficient for storing power for homes and businesses. Here are some of the BLUETTI solar batteries in various capacities, to enable you pick one that aligns with your energy needs.

1. BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station | 600W 268Wh


  • Sustainable and Energy-Efficient

The BLUETTI portable power station is highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike the traditional generators, the BLUETTI EB3A has zero emissions making it sustainable for the environment.

  • Compact and LightWeight

The EB3A is compact-sized and lightweight. You can easily and conveniently move around with it. Although it is small-sized, it has a remarkable 268Wh power capacity and 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter or 1200W surge. It can power appliances such as a mini-refrigerator, blenders, or a small rice cooker among other appliances.

  • Easy to Recharge

The BLUETTI EB3A is easy and convenient to charge. It has six inlet ports for recharging through AC+Adapter, AC+Solar, AC, solar panels, car, and generator. Rest assured your battery is easily rechargeable no matter where you are.

  • Fast-Charging

The fast charging ability of the EB3A allows you to charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes.  With an EB3A, you will have sufficient power on demand.


With the intuitive BLUETTI APP, the EB3A allows you quick access within a 10 m radius via Bluetooth.

  • 8 Output Outlets

The EB3A is versatile and allows you to recharge multiple devices simultaneously. Some of the ports include the classic AC, DC output, car socket, 100W Type-C, and a wireless charger.

  • Safety First

The BLUETTI EB3A power station has enhanced safety thanks to the LiFePO4 battery and the BMS (Battery Management System). Additionally, it gives the user high performance with a longer life cycle which is up to 2,500 cycles up to 80%. The BMS monitors and protects your devices from any potential damage associated with charging.

2. BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station | 2,000W 2,000Wh


  • Efficient Recharging

The AC200P has seven recharging modes. You can recharge it using solar panels, AC, generator, lead battery, car, and Dual AC/AC+Solar. Additionally, it supports up to 500W AC and 700W solar. You can fully charge it in just 2.5 hours by dual charging with AC and AC+ solar.

  • Several Output Ports

The AC200P power station has several output ports including 6 AC ports, 2-15 W wireless charging pads, a standard USB-A, USB Type-C, a cigarette lighter, and 12V/25A DC ports.

  • Highly Durable Battery

The power station utilizes the ultra-safe and highly efficient LiFePO4 battery cells.  Additionally, it is equipped with the premium BMS tech which protects your devices from damage. The LiFePO4 battery has 3500+ Life Cycles to 80% which is capable of lasting up to a decade.

  • High Capacity

The BLUETTI AC200 is a high power 2000Wh capacity power station with a powerful 2000W inverter. It is capable of powering most of your small to medium sized appliances such as projectors, laptops, phones, blenders, fridge among others.

3. BLUETTI EB70 Portable Power Station | 1000W 716Wh


  • Multiple Recharge Options

The EB70 power station is equipped with an in-built MPPT controller. It can recharge from 0 to 80% in just 3 hours using the 200W solar and AC input. Additionally, you can recharge it using the 24V or the 12V carport.

  • 10 Outlet Ports

With 10 outlet ports, you charge all your devices simultaneously. Some of the basic outlet ports include the 800W AC, the USB-A, carport, 15W wireless charger, 100W PD, and DC 5521. You charge and power devices such as laptops, mini refrigerators, smartphones, among others.

  • High Capacity

The EB70 Power station is packed with a 716Wh LiFePO4 battery and an 800W/ 1000W power inverter. The power capacity allows you to charge your devices and run other appliances even if you are out camping.

  • Safety and Durability

The EB70 power station runs on an ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery with 2500+ Life Cycles to 80% which will serve you for over a decade. Additionally, it has the BMS technology to ensure the safety of your devices during your day to day use of the battery.

Tips for Choosing the Best Battery Using mAh Unit

When it comes to choosing battery powered devices such as smartphones, solar generators, it is crucial to consider the mAh. Here are the best tips for choosing the best mAh batteries.

  1. What Are Your Energy Needs?

What activities are you using the device for? Based on your energy requirements, you should consider buying a device with either high or low mAh. If your devices need more power, consider a high mAh battery and vice versa.

  1. Consider the General Features and Value

Do not just focus on the mAh in the battery. Generally, consider all other features that are necessary for the optimum performance and longevity of the battery.  A battery with high mAh is not necessarily the right choice if it lacks other important features.

  1. Consider the Brand Reputation and Customer Service

Check the brand reputation before purchasing the battery. Read the buyer reviews and user feedback on the product to get valuable information about the battery, such as performance and durability.

  1. Make a Comparison with Other Available Devices

Determine the amount of energy you need first. Before you purchase, compare it to other available devices by checking the mAh ratings and other necessary factors.

Final Thoughts

As discussed in this article, mAh is the unit measurement for how long the battery will stay charged. If the battery has a higher mAh rating, it means it will hold power for long before the next recharge. In simple terms, the higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last and vice versa. Consider the power needs of your devices against the mAh of the battery.

Therefore, if you are shopping for a solar battery, check the mAh rating. The BLUETTI has a wide range of solar generators with varying power capacity to suit your needs, including charging power-thirsty devices and appliances.  The BLUETTI solar generators are designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously. You can charge your laptops, smartphone, refrigerators, kettles among others.